Amanda Pepin

My garden is located in the Texas Hill Country, a region with shallow clay soil on top of limestone. My plant hardiness zone is 9, for what that's worth. Weather here can be unpredictable, and has become even more so due to climate change. Some years we get droughts, other years we get floods. One winter we might get a really harsh freeze, and some years we don't get any freezes at all.

I've been gardening since I was 12 and it didn't take long for me to get into saving my own seeds. I hope that by doing so I can help plants adapt to these challenging conditions. It's also fun. I've always been a science nerd, and teach biology at a local community college for a living. I've recently gotten into doing some plant breeding projects to see what I come up with. If I come up with something interesting, I will list it.

Please Note: I am not a seed company. I'm a working suburban mom who gardens and saves seeds as a hobby. I'm here because saving seeds results in lots more seeds than I could ever use myself. I am also listed on Seed Savers Exchange and sometimes donate my extra seeds to a local seed library. I try to maintain varietal purity, grow adequate population sizes, and clean and store seeds to the best of my ability on a small scale. If any of my seeds don't perform well for you (low germination, crossed/not true to type, etc.), please let me know and I will send you something else or refund your money.

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