Grá den Talún Farm

I'm Daren Carroll, I run a part-time garlic farm (Grá den Talún Farm) that is expanding into other heirloom seeds- most specifically interested in heirloom corn, and Iroquois Skunk Beans. While I also sell these seeds through my own site with a goal to make a self-sustaining business, I also understand that the thanks for the keeping of many of these seeds falls heavily, if not wholly, on the shoulders of enthusiasts, gardeners, and other individuals through the years. As such, I will always offer a portion of my crop, at-cost, to this community, as a way to give back to that legacy.

Mailing address: 127 LINCOLN HILL RD
Length of frost-free growing season (optional): roughly May 15th to October 10th

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Great to connect and share with another Gaspe enthusiast!

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