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Growing food for my family in Central Maine. Each year working to plant more and of a greater variety of crops. I'm inspired by the work of Will Bonsall, Joseph Lofthouse, Carol Deppe and other bold, creative and free thinking gardeners who are looking to grow resilient staple crops to survive unpredictable growing seasons. My primary focus is on corn beans & squash. Growing food is growing sanity♡☆

Full Mailing address: 1678 Mercer Road, Mercer ME 04957
Length of frost-free growing season (optional): 120 if we're lucky, but this year(2020) our last frost was June 2nd and we got a fall freeze September 15th!!

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Thanks so much!

Justin Fast about listing Gaspe Flint Corn 12 days ago.

Everything went smoothly. I recommend Future Garden Seeds!

Bryce Boyd about listing Mini Flint hybrid corn 1 month ago.

Seeds look great and are packed very well. We are looming forward to planting them. In. Mid may. It will be here. Soon

Tarn and Adrianne

Tarn Coffey about listing Mini Flint hybrid corn 1 month ago.