Grassroots Seed Network

The number of seed-savers is diminishing, and as a result, we have lost countless open-pollinated crop varieties. As we continue to lose varieties, we lose flavors, crop genetic diversity, a certain sense of history, and crops' resilience to various disease and climactic pressures.

However, many farmers and gardeners around the world continue to save seeds. Some save seeds that were passed down from their ancestors; some save seeds as a way of regaining self-sufficiency; some find a variety they love in a catalog and start saving seeds when that variety becomes commercially unavailable; some save seeds as a hobby; some breed new varieties. Some save only a variety or two; some have collections of hundreds of varieties. Many seed-savers are elderly; some have not yet come of age. Some have no e-mail addresses; some expect to find all the information they want online. We hope to connect people across each of these spectra. We are a democratically governed, non-profit organization.

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