Common Mugwort

(Artemisia vulgaris) Be careful with this plant. Established mugwort is, in my experience, hard to kill. It is native to Europe and Asia. This seed is collected from plants growing wild at the edges of fields on the property where I live. Here, it grows to 3-4 feet tall. Before you plant mugwort, I encourage you to consider learning to recognize it and looking for it near where you live. The white undersides of its leaves are a useful way to tell it apart from most similar-looking plants. This seed is recommended for growing in pots, in old bathtubs, and occasionally in other places where it will have no opportunity to take over a garden by spreading rhizomes. I also recommend deadheading.

Common Mugwort is widely considered to be conducive to increased dreaming. I use it in tea. My experience suggests that even small amounts can have a dramatic, lasting effect. I harvest leaves only in spring, when I would guess it has lower amounts of active constituents. It also has many other traditional uses, including medicinally, and for keeping moths out of clothes, and as a flavoring for beer and of poultry.

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