Iroquois Skunk Beans

Iroquois Skunk Beans are a dry pole bean from the Haudenosaune (Iroquois) people of upstate New York. The plants easily climb 10 feet high and beyond- they work great in Three Sisters plots with sturdy corn capable of growing at least 8 feet plus. I haven't grown out enough to eat much of yet- but one taste test told me it's definitely worth doing. Also tastes amazing in the green bean stage if you catch it at the right time. To say it "vines aggressively" is a bit of an understatement- it is constantly splintering new shoots, so much that they'll end up vining back on themselves very quickly. I sowed one bean every fourth hill on a Three Sisters plot and it worked as a trap crop to keep the deer from touching the corn or squash. Next year's goal is 2-3 beans every single hill. Limited quantities to share- so offering a small amount unless specifically requested. It's a heavy yielder, assuming you keep the deer off it.

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