Red and White Azeri pole dry bean

Long green slightly flattened pods pod often streaked with red.  Fairly large white or light tan seeds spotted with red.  Long productive vines.  From street vendor in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Is this seed certified organic?:
No, but no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers were used in producing it
No, and synthetic pesticides or fertilizers were used in producing it.
Available year round?:
No; see lister's profile for availability times
Listing created Mar 17, 2016

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3 years ago

Dear Jim,

wed love to buy some seeds from you. is this variety still listed for 2019?

many thanks

Nate and Ama

Nama Farm

Montpelier VT

Jim Tjepkema

3 years ago

Hi Nate and Anna,

I have been hoping I would get requests for seed through Grassroots Seed Network and you are the first to do this. My listings are not in very good shape because I having been waiting to find out if I would get any request before doing more work on them. I also have seeds listed at he Seed Savers Exchange. SSE has become a free service so you can go there to see more of my listings and those of other seed savers without paying a membership fee to view the listings and to request seeds.

I hope GSN will become more active because I prefer the approach to sharing seeds at GSN over the approach at SSE. You can find my contact information to use to contact me directly at the SSE seed sharing site. I'm not sure how this system you used to contact me works. However, I think I have found your contact info at your farm website so I think I will be able to contact you directly if I have more information for you.

My supply of Azeri Red and White seed is a little low and so is my supply of Tennessee Cut Short. However, I have enough of both of these seeds to share 35 seeds of each without reducing my supply of seeds below the number I need for my own use. Just send me your address and I will mail you samples of these two seeds. I don't know very much about the Azeri bean having kept it going to preserve it without getting around to using it in cooking.


Jim Tjepkema


3 years ago

Great! Got your mssgs

Jim, they have just made this (Grassroots Seed Network) Free of Fees, and have a fundraiser going to support this move.

See it here:

We will gladly grow the Beans out and save some to dry for cooking, and let you know about the culinary uses we come up with!

Shall we mail you a check? As, we don't have a digital money acct.

Our address is:

Nama Farm

C/o Ama & Nate Peyman

164-A Barre St

Montpelier Vt 05602

One Love

Jim Tjepkema

3 years ago

Nama, A check is okay. I can send a little larger sample which will include some seed that is a little older than the seed I first thought I would send you. I think the older seed will be okay. I would be interested in learning about the culinary characteristics of the seed.


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