Moonflower Datura

A commanding presence in the garden, even when not in flower, with deep-green leaves, silvery midribs, purple stems, and a graceful stance. The flowers are large trumpets, which open at dusk (bumblebees frantic with impatience for them to open before dark drives the bees to bed). They track the moon all night and emit the most divine fragrance--sweet and penetrating but not at all cloying, like violets with a whiff of citrus. Blooms from solstice til fall.
All parts are poisonous, and I would suggest that if you have kids you should cut the "thornapple" seed pods before they split open and spill seeds. Easy to start in sandy soil outdoors 2-4 weeks before last frost. Seeds like to cycle between warm days and cold nights, and wet to dry to wet before sprouting. They also like some decayed leaves in or on the soil. Mine resprouted from the roots in zone 7 which I didnt expect--probably best to assume it will be annual.

Is this seed certified organic?:
No, but no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers were used in producing it
No, and synthetic pesticides or fertilizers were used in producing it.
Available year round?:
No; see lister's profile for availability times
Quantity (optional; may be min. # of seeds, or packet weight, or other measure of quantity): 40 seeds
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