Kelly Kings Jericho Kale

Soft and Tender, Sweet and Hearty, Purple and Green:
This Kale is Generous and Eternal, like Kellys Soul. FREE.

Red Russian Kale, Brassicaceae family, naturalized and grown in Vermont in Kellys gardens for many years. Seed gifted to Farmer Ama and Nate by Kelly at a Nama Farm seed swap in 2012. We've harvested it anywhere from baby leaf to spring second year regrowth. Love it when mature and large leaf too. This Kale simply Improves in flavor with Cold, so enjoy it after fall frost. Sweet! Nature-frozen in the snowbank & put directly into the freezer, or into the soup pot or stir fry works too!

Grow it in starter soil in flats, yogurt containers or tofu trays on the windowsill kinda like Kelly did, bottom watering. Then plant it out as early as you can set Kale out in your Zone. Mulch the roots with hay or grass clippings. For Pests we use BT, Neem spray or Hot Pepper Capsaicin as needed and hand pick catipillers for the chickens. Chickens Love to Eat This Kale, rowcover or netting keeps it safe, and we fed them it for amazing eggs. Selectivly clip the leaves from the bottom and it will easily grow to 20-36 inches and can be Gynormous..( in 2016 it was almost as tall as Farmer Ama and she is 5ft 5, see Pic)

Save the seedpods and scatter them where you want it to come back for you, or keep the seed inside and start them in early spring again. Eternal Kale Life!

Offered FREE in honor of the life and work of Kelly King: homeschooling mother, breadbaking queen, dear friend, community organizer, la leche league momma, wild crafter, permie gardener, Jericho Farmers Market Manager, baby- whisperer and church lady of JCC.

Keywords (optional; may include species, genus, family, planting season, etc): Red Russian Kale, Brassica Oleracea, Tender, Oakleaf, Purple Veining, Cold Hardy, Northern Mountians, Siberian Kale, Russian Kale, Flat leaves lobed edges.
Is this seed certified organic?:
No, but no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers were used in producing it
No, and synthetic pesticides or fertilizers were used in producing it.
Available year round?:
No; see lister's profile for availability times
Quantity (optional; may be min. # of seeds, or packet weight, or other measure of quantity): 30 seeds
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D Jernigan

9 months ago

Hello are these seeds available?

Carole Verville

8 months ago

I would love some of these seeds, are they still available?

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