Nates Musical VT Garlic

Its like BreathMusic with sweet heat and 4-5 large cloves.
A Porcelain type in the Amaryllidaceae family, Nates Musical will store 8-9 months to a year. Very cold tolerant. Papery White with purply-brown inner wrappers on the cloves in a medium to large Porcelain style head, and its a cold hearty cross of Music and German Porcelin.

Weve been growing this Garlic out here in upper central VT since 2011, saving the best seed every year to plant in the fall under thick layers of compost, maple leaves and mulch hay. Nice long roots so it can overwinter without heaving out of the bed. It works a charm, most years every clove produces a nice big head if we prep the bed with a bit of forked in composted horse or cow manure.

We like planting in long multi rows on slightly raised beds. We backpack water if its a drought year, but if its a wet one Raising the Beds 3-5 inches keeps it nicer, dryer and safer from rotting or mildew.

Makes such beautiful Garlic Scapes & green garlic, then huge cloves, nice Garlic Heads that last and last to cook with. Drys down easy.. we pull and clean and lay it on our Hardening Off tables, on a Porch or in a Greenhouse, or string it up in small bundles and hang in a barn to dry. Cracks well for late fall planting.

note:To control that leek moth worm we spray with neem and bt, and check when the scapes are up. We can see in early evening when the moths are flying around the garlic and treat on dry nights to stop it in its tracks then. Take a look on the scape stem for the hole where the leek moth worm burrows and cut the scapes off low to prevent the worm getting down into your garlic!

Garlic for your Health!
Peace and Love
Nate & Ama

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3 years ago

2017 was our best harvest ever. Compost and hand fluffing the long raised beds with digging Forks was the key. Almost no watering was required this wet summer. Nate added a bit of manure and lime and the garlic blew up nice and plump under deep hay and raked up leaf mulch. - Ama


3 years ago

We also grow out a Rocambole garlic *Spanish Roja* its scapes are large and more tightly curled, Ama makes gorgeous pickles. it has 7 to 10 cloves per head. Hardneck and a hot excellent taste. I think we are keeping this to expand it for next years crop. then we can offer it for Seed Garlic in fall 2019.

- Nate

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