Colossus 80 cowpea

61 days. [1980] One of the largest and best crowder peas. Light-brown seeds in straw-colored, purple-tinted 7-9 in. pods. Large, bushy plants, very prolific, easy to shell. A Southern favorite, updated for more disease resistance, including broader Fusarium Wilt resistance. Pkt (~94 seeds)

Keywords (optional; may include species, genus, family, planting season, etc): Vigna unguiculata, cowpea, crowder pea, southern pea, summer
Is this seed certified organic?:
No, but no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers were used in producing it
No, and synthetic pesticides or fertilizers were used in producing it.
Available year round?:
No; see lister's profile for availability times
Quantity (optional; may be min. # of seeds, or packet weight, or other measure of quantity): 1 oz
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3 years ago

Whats the best spacing for these crowder peas? And how do they do with a cool wet spring?

Asking from Vermont, wondering if these would work for us up here


Nama Farm

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