Lucky Tiger Tomato

75 days. Indeterminate. An abundant producer of elongated, 2-inch cherry tomatoes. Has a delectable, sweet and tangy flavor that is well-balanced. Fruits undergo a color transformation from green to greenish yellow and beautiful green stripes will become prominent with red hues developing on the end of the tomatoes when mature. The interior marbling of each tomato has a striking color contrast too! Is a part of the Artisan Series™, bred by Fred Hempel. Great for snacking, adding to salads, making salsas, and many more cooking uses. A great choice for market growers.

Keywords (optional; may include species, genus, family, planting season, etc): Solanum lycopersicum
Is this seed certified organic?:
No, but no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers were used in producing it
No, and synthetic pesticides or fertilizers were used in producing it.
Available year round?:
No; see lister's profile for availability times
Quantity (optional; may be min. # of seeds, or packet weight, or other measure of quantity): 25 seeds, (email me for larger quantity requests)
Listing created Nov 25, 2019

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