Ho Chi Minh Pepper

70 days. Here is an exciting variety hailing from Southeast Asia. Highly productive 2-3 feet tall plants generate an abundant yield of 4-5 inch long peppers. The attractive, bright yellow fruits gain an orange hue if left on the vine. Each pod packs an intense flavor that is full of heat. About 30,000 scoville heat units. Was introduced by Fedco Seeds in 2007 after Steven Schwen from Minnesota donated some seeds to Fedco. Steven Schwen had acquired the seeds in the 1980s when Vietnamese boat people first landed in Minnesota. According to Fedco Seeds, Schwen named the peppers in honor of the Vietnam Revolutionary leader Ho Chi Minh who led a national independence coalition called the Việt Minh in the 1940s.

Keywords (optional; may include species, genus, family, planting season, etc): Capsicum annuum
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No, but no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers were used in producing it
No, and synthetic pesticides or fertilizers were used in producing it.
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No; see lister's profile for availability times
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