Mason Mulacek

For many years now, I have been growing out and preserving rare and culturally significant heirloom varieties. I started the "Century Gold" Seed Collection in 2017 to house the hundreds of seed varieties that are grown out for seed production. I ensure seed purity through various methods such as isolation between similar species, bagging, and caging procedures. In a time where a countless number of treasured heirloom varieties are being lost throughout the world, it is crucial to join in the effort to restore heirloom food plants back to our dinner tables. Most of the seeds being offered via the Grassroots Seed Network are organically certified by the Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association (OEFFA). Any seed varieties that are not organically certified is from seedstock that was harvested prior to my 2020 organic certification.

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Cathleen Trimmer about listing Raspberry Lyanna Tomato 1 year ago.

Thank you!!

Cathleen Trimmer about listing Jericho Lettuce 1 year ago.

Everything was great and thank you for the extra seeds! Keep it up