Steve Wood

I'm a retired elementary and special education teacher. Full retirement has provided a pleasant freedom of time spent in our garden. I also maintain the Senior Gardening web site.

I've saved seed for many years. Our main thrust in seed saving has been in trying to preserve some of the varieties of tomatoes developed by Jack Metcalf in the 70s and 80s (Moira, Earlirouge, and Quinte). We also work to preserve the Japanese Long Pickling cucumber and Earliest Red Sweet bell pepper varieties.

While I save lots of other varieties of seeds, I generally don't offer those seeds, as many of them are still available from commercial seed houses.

My full bio appears on a couple of our web sites:

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Thanks Steve, I'm looking forward to seeing how these plants do in the Okanagan.

Steven Lazeski about listing Earliest Red Sweet Pepper 1 day ago.

I have received my gloxinia seeds and will be looking forward to growing some of them soon. Since getting them I have read your blog another time to bolster my confidence. Thank you for the opportunity to try growing seed, I was not happy with what I could find (color wise) in bulb sales. I did buy ‘Hollywood’ gloxinia from easytogrowbulbs also. Growing your seed will likely provide many unusual color variations, I can’t wait.

Ellen Icart about listing Gloxinia 1 month ago.

The seeds packet came quickly as promised.

I'm yet to plant and check things out, but happy so far

Kenny Thomas about listing Gloxinia 2 months ago.