Will Bonsall

Scatterseed Project, 39 Bailey Rd., Industry ME 04938; wabonsall@gmail.com. Several years of slashed funding have decimated most of my collections. I am trying to re-build them as funding allows, however many accessions are in desperate need of regeneration, some have lost viability and need to be retrieved from other sources when possible, some are simply lost. I apologize for the woeful lack of descriptive notes with my listings; i have plenty, but simply haven't time to enter it all yet. I will add them as budget and time allow. Meanwhile it may be helpful to some that most of my notes can be found in my listing in the 2011 SSE Yearbook, the last year that i participated in that organization. Until this year i have not listed any potatoes because of a report that some of my clones may be infested with a harmful nematode, which i absolutely don't wish to spread (some vars. listed by others in SSE/WY are also reportedly infested). I am re-building the collection from known clean sources, maintained on newly-opened quarantine plots, so that all potatoes offered by me (none in 2020) are completely free of virus or nematodes.

Requests will be filled between February 1st and May 1st.

               Will Bonsall
Length of frost-free growing season (optional): Typically 120 days (before climate change, it ain't no hoax).

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