Will Bonsall

Several years of slashed funding have decimated most of my collections (numbering in the thousands). I am trying to re-build them as funding allows, however many accessions are in desperate need of regeneration, some have lost viability and need to be retrieved from other sources when possible, some are simply lost.

I apologize for the woeful lack of descriptive notes with my listings; i have plenty, but simply haven't time to enter it all yet. I will add them as budget and time allow. Meanwhile it may be helpful to some that most of my notes can be found in my listing in the 2011 SSE Yearbook, the last year that i participated in that organization.

This year due to the pandemic, I am overwhelmed with requests and am running low on many items. Please email ahead to verify availability before sending any money.

Please note that I am NOT a seed company per se, but rather a genetic resource. We provide propagation samples for you to further increase. Therefore, please do not request multiple packets, or larger quantities.

DO NOT send payment in any form until your order is sent, and we notify you

NO requests after June 1st

*** For PAYMENT please mail cash, cheque, MO, or Paypal (wabonsall@gmail.com)

*** For donations please mail cash, cheque, MO, or Paypal (wabonsall@gmail.com), or visit our Patreon website: https://www.patreon.com/scatterseed_project ***

               Will Bonsall

Scatterseed Project, 39 Bailey Rd., Industry ME 04938; wabonsall@gmail.com

Full Mailing address: 39 Bailey Road, Industry, ME, 04938
Length of frost-free growing season (optional): Typically 120 days (before climate change, it ain't no hoax).

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